Why a Crime Records Search is Necessary for Business

Job hunters should pre-screen themselves

Are you possibly an unknowing victim of identity theft by a criminal? Someone could have a public record that they never knew existed.

A new epidemic, “identity theft” is sweeping the nation. It occurs when an imposter commits a crime or seeks credit using the identity of someone else. Victims of criminal identity theft often have no clue that someone has stolen their identity and committed crimes in their name, giving them a record, until they are stopped for a traffic violation and the officer arrests them on the spot. This silent killer can go on to ruin their ability to find gainful employment for years to come, and unless they check their criminal records they may never suspect why.

Don’t wait until this happens to you. Can you be 100% sure your background is clear? Find out where to look up criminal records online and check your record to ensure there are no surprises in your background.

With the rise in negligent hiring laws and events like 911, employers are scrutinizing the backgrounds of potential hires more diligently then ever before. They will routinely check your references, driving record, credit report, and criminal history to ferret out the prospective employees who interview well but lack the experience and skill set to perform the job, or have a background that predisposes them to violence or illegal activity.

Employers have to. They are being held liable for the actions of their employees and negligent hiring suits can easily run into the millions of dollars. From the perspective of an employer, background screening doesn’t cost, it pays.

Job search not going well? Interviews, but no offers? Check your criminal record and make sure there is nothing barring you. You can bet your prospective employer will.

Employers need to protect their financial interest and avoid costly hiring mistakes

If you hire an individual without conducting a proper investigation of their background, you are setting your company up for potential negligent hiring lawsuits if it is discovered that the employee’s background contained something that would indicate a predisposition for misconduct on the job. Check criminal records before you hire an employee, childcare provider, nanny, babysitter, contractor, or anyone who will work closely with your assets, family, or children.

The best indication of future performance is past performance.

Many states now have negligent hiring laws that recognize that employers have the obligation to run a background check on all current and new hires. Employers can now be held responsible for the actions of their employees when an injury is caused, if it can be proved that the business was negligent in did not investigate their employees criminal backgrounds and other information that would have given an indication of potential misconduct. If negligence can be proved on the employer’s part when an employee causes harm to anyone, they can be found liable. This alone can potentially ruin a business.

Could this be your company?

Tallahassee Furniture Co., Inc. v. Harrison awarded $2.5 million for negligently hiring a delivery man who savagely attacked a woman customer in her home. According to the lawsuit, the employee had a criminal history of violence that could easily have been identified during a background check.